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Boat Shrink Wrapping – Storage or Transport


Lets Cover YOUR Assets!

Whether you’re transporting your boat across state, across the U.S, or putting it up for winter storage, McCall Auto Club’s shrink wrap mobile service is the cost effective way TO GO.  AS low as $16/running foot for outdoor storage wraps, to $12/foot for transport wraps. Storage wraps can withstand McCall’s winter conditions, so whether its STORAGE or TRANSPORT, our wrap services can meet your needs.

“WRAPPING IS THE ONLY WAY TO SECURE YOUR BOAT FROM THE ELEMENTS AND SMALL CRITTERS!”  Save your canvas top and secure your boat for storage or transport…

5168766_origOur E-Z Wrap service is not simply covering your boat with plastic, or using tarp material. Our industrial grade materials are manufactured from 100% virgin resin, which are treated with UV inhibitors. We purchase thicknesses (6-7 mil) that can withstand our winter weather conditions – OUTDOORS ! Our customers see savings of over 60% when stored at their homes or property over the winter. We don’t simply cover a boat, we build a frame that can withstand the rain, wind, and snow during our long winters. Every boat is checked to ensure it is dry, in all lockers and compartments before wrapping. Once dry, we build a custom frame to your boat – which creates a peak angle that allows snow to shed.6100061_orig

Our woven cord strapping links our 2″ x 4″ capped frame posts, and the full length body band gives us our seal for the shrink wrap material. Before covering in shrink wrap, all sharp edges are specially padded. Fuel port(s) are identified for venting, the battery is either removed for storage and trickle charging, or cable(s) are disconnected. If instruments are onboard, we can use desiccant packs to further protect them. The material is cut to specific length (ONE PIECE not patched material), and tucked to the belly band. After shrinking, we port the fuel vents and also use air flow vents to ensure the boat can breath. Additional straps secure the belly bank to the frame of the trailer.
The photos below show a boat being wrapped, and then parked outside for pick up or future delivery.

NOTE: We will not wrap boats that have not been winterized!

Call our shrink wrap division today at (208) 634-2886 !

Covered Transportation

5265249Shrink Wrapping can be used for a transport cover for your boat, recreational vehicle, or protecting equipment (tractor, building materials, pallets, etc). The major advantage to using this material over tarps or plastic is primarily its strength, UV protection, and the ability to thoroughly enclose whatever you need to protect without using…bungees, ropes, tapes, etc. and still seeing water seeping into your possessions, or your cover blowing and whipping (beating) on your possessions.