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1962 Jaguar E-Type S. 1

“What’s in a restoration, well in this case everything, including
your heart and soul.”

The registration above and a London parking tag on the windshield are the only visible records covering the car’s recorded history after being manufactured 15 May 1962.

Take an Air Force couple, retired, and one 1962 E-type, add twenty-five years and what do you end up with? A RESTORATION.

That’s the basic background for the Series 1 discovered in a remote part of Boulder Creek, California in Santa Cruz county in 2006. The Baker’s history with the car they purchased in Leeds shortly after their marriage in 1968, followed them during tours in the U.K. and Germany, a stint in Saigon, and in late 1972 then to Pennsylvania in the U.S.
What we do know beside what has been noted is that the car was delivered to the Appleyard’s dealership in Leeds, 28 May 1962. The opalescent dark blue fixed head coupe with VIN/chassis #860571, engine R5592-9, body V2515, and gearbox EB4647JS remain intact. (More to follow)